We cannot be 100% safe. If someone is willing to die to kill people, they will "succeed." The only way to lessen the number of shootings and bombings from happening is via education and hope to those who fall prey to bad philosophy and radical thoughts induced by despair or religion. Click on images to order. News: Col. Dave Grossman connects violent video games with school shootings in Assassination Generation. He is an FBI and Army Ranger trainer and psychologist. Read THIS. The USPS has ordered new episodes of The Inspectors. The audiobook version of Postmarked for Death now out at Audible and iTunesEbook and paperback also at Amazon. Click on images for more.

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Active Shooter
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Jonathan Lowe) Is there recent reputable research into the link between video game violence and real violence? 
Dave Grossman) In 2015, the American Psychological Association's resolution on violent video game effects stated that "scientific research has demonstrated an association between violent video game use and both increases in aggressive behavior, aggressive affect, and aggressive cognitions and decreases in prosocial behavior, empathy, and moral engagement." In 2017, the APA Task Force on the Assessment of Violent Video Games reaffirmed their statement and emphasized that violent video games are resulting in serious antisocial outcomes. They concluded “…users of violent video games reported feeling hostile or angry, had increases in heart rate and blood pressure, thought about being aggressive, had pro-violence attitudes, and acted aggressively in ways that they themselves reported (including hitting, pushing, and fighting) and that others reported about them (i.e., teacher and peer ratings.). Essentially, those that use violent video games, especially over time, are exposed to a mean and antisocial world that can influence who they are and what they do. These deleterious findings are well documented, consistent, and pervasive, supported across numerous kinds of studies and summaries of studies, and warrant concern by the public as well as by policymakers. Links: Here and Here.
Ready Player One features a USPS van driven at the climax by the heroes, who are being attacked by corporate killers. The message of the film is that VR is not reality, only reality is real.
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