Awakening Storm
Tower Review) Some other titles you've narrated include The Well-Tempered City, The Four Things That Matter Most, Watching Smarter Baseball, Brady vs Manning, This Narrow Space, and Destination Earth. Mostly non-fiction. Favs? 
Barry Abrams) I enjoy primarily non-fiction. Since I am a journalist by trade, I am wired to want to learn about the actual world around us, not necessarily a made-up world. I mean, I enjoy a good story or a good movie as much as anybody, but the publishers I service figured out, without my even having to tell them, that I perform non-fiction well. Of all the titles I have done so far, I really enjoyed This Narrow Space. It is about a pediatric oncologist who moves from New York to Israel to try to set up a pediatric palliative care unit at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Hearing from an American perspective about the cultural differences between the two places was fascinating. The timing was coincidentally perfect, also - I traveled to the Holy Land about two weeks after completing the book, and it all hit home for me.
TR) Fav books you haven't narrated?
Abrams) To Kill a Mockingbird, the Torah (Five Books of Moses.)
TR) You recorded the title Vitamin N. How can listening to audiobooks while hiking get one more attuned to nature, with a capital N? 
Abrams) Vitamin N is a perfect book to which to listen while walking around. Wear small earbuds, though - not big cans that block out the natural sound. Walking around while listening to Vitamin N is like talking a guided tour of a historical location. You’ll start to notice so many little things that your eyes and mind would normally just pass right over. Even though you’ll be using an electronic device to get there, you’ll start to unplug and learn to appreciate the simple but wonderful gifts of nature.

Awakening Storm
Awakening Storm: Christian horror about a greedy
televangelist vs true faith. Set in Tucson and Miami.
    “So anyway,” the nervous but handsome man on her couch continued in a quick wispy voice, “I can’t sleep. I mean I really do sleep, but I try not to. Some people get by with a few hours a night. Mainly old people. That’s all we really need, isn’t it? Couple hours to recoup? It’s the rapid eye movements that get you. I’ve got a loud alarm clock now, to prevent that. Like one of those car alarms, with a high hooting followed by some loud horn blasts that diesel trucks make. Because, you know, I dream in technicolor. They’re panoramic, wide-screen. And horror in a way, like the Hellraiser movies.” 
    “That right?” Veronica McCord guiltily scratched one word on her note pad.
    “You find that odd, don’t you? That my favorite thing to do when I’m supposed to be sleeping is walking around downtown, and looking into the shop windows.” 
    “Isn’t that dangerous?” 
    Basket case
    “No, no--you mean from muggers or cops? Muggers are asleep that late, and cops . . . well, you can see them coming, unless they’re in unmarked cars. Got stopped once, but I explained that I’m a photographer.” 
    Veronica rechecked the man’s brief profile in her case folder. “A photographer? 
    Nothing in here about that. Says you work at a restaurant.”
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