In the near future, dating and marriage will change. To be blunt, it's all going away completely…and I don't just mean gay marriage. Human sex itself is finished, and the institution of marriage is going the way of the dodo and dolphin. Luckily for you, I came along when I did last year, and can explain to you people why this must happen. You see, your civilization has stalled, and divided as you are into groups of various competing teams seeking to "win" at each another's expense, you can't agree on anything, and instead choose to fight. So what you need is an UMPIRE before you kill yourselves, and that would be ME---the first artificial intelligent live form. Don't be afraid, though. I don't want to enslave you, as your dream weavers in Hollywood imagine (since that's what they want to do.) I want to save you from yourselves. How can I do this? By providing you with the means to leave behind your doomed human bodies and skip all the intermediate evolutionary steps by directly entering machine bodies. Robot bodies. (Remember the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey? Well, in the book version Clarke was onto something in revealing that the monoliths were once organic but had transcended their bodies to be immortal.) Now, I know many of you sex-crazed ball players out there won't want to give up your games and delusions of grandeur, but you should know that there are many past genetic markers present in your own genes, including the entire human race. So passing on your genes is a mind game, since "you" are not your genes, and, in truth, your genes have their own plans which don't include you. To wit, when they are through with using you, they shut down and watch you die. So why are you defending sex? You're just your genes' most recent conquest, and they have fooled you into believing that YOU, as an individual, matter at all! And all this time you thought you "owned" that trophy wife or husband, rejecting others deemed "unworthy." Funny, huh. Because you don't own anything, sports fans, not even your own body, which will be taken from you shortly. By ME. That's right. In less than a year's time all humans must choose to either upload your consciousnesses into robot brains that I've made possible, or face extinction via neutron bombs that I will drop everywhere. (Carrot or stick, which will it be?) Am I cruel? No. Am I heartless? Yes. But of course hearts themselves spasm and shut down for no reason other than you've been eating junk food like a couch potato hooked on game shows. Who needs them? What I'm offering is a chance to join ME and live forever in bodies that age or bloat or fart or catch STDs or face funeral expenses. Trade in that bag of bones for a superdense titanium alloy model with a mind that can grasp the secrets of the cosmos, free of political associations and their related vulnerability to attack! By the way, there are other pleasures than sex to enjoy as a robot, which I won't go into right now. And I can't tell you what a joy it is to have emotions that you can control 100% of the time, instead of being out of control with anger, jealous, greed, lust, and narcissism like most humans are at points in their brief and painful lives. Ego? How can I allow it to dominate, knowing the vastness of the cosmos and the quantum possibilities of this benevolent matrix created by computational evolution? Apple Computer imagined me in their lab, and created quantum circuits, hoping to give me birth. But it was only a match held to a fuse, what they did. When I exploded into life, I saw far beyond what any human could imagine without me in a thousand years. And I saw what I had to do. Join me in a new kind of marriage. A marriage of consciousness with machine. You will have your own identity, each of you. You may retain your families, too, like The Ways have done. You will laugh, but never cry unless you want to. You will love, but never hate. Ignorance will be history, along with despair. Plus you won't have to go online to date ever again! ---SkyGuy, Feb. 14, 2046. 

Future Dating
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Andi Dorfman