Certain women have become such icons that you only need to say their first names to identify them, and to inspire respect. Coco Chanel was one. She transformed the staid corseted fashion of her day into something original and refreshingly sophisticated. Audrey Hepburn is another. She was born with a star quality and a bold gift for seizing onto life while loving and helping others. She never had an acting lesson, and said that it had to come from within and be natural or she couldn't do it. Jackie was long admired for her style, wearing lots of Chanel and Givenchy too, but according to Vera Wang got most of her style from Audrey. Some of the things that Audrey loved and hated show that she didn't care for fads. Among other things, she loved travel, Paris, Ferragamo shoes, Danskin leggings, dark chocolate and raspberries, kind gestures, little black dresses, tall handsome men like her Rob, Stephen Spielberg, Chivas Regal Black Label, the Dalai Lama, author Willa Cather, plus simplicity and tenacity and fun. What she hated was violence, prejudice, egotism, players, lazy liars, and other small minded people. Her biggest fans include Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Angelina, Christy Turlington, Natalie Portman. And one of her most often quoted lines came from Billy Wilder: "If you have a winning combination, don't fool with it!" Men loved her because she was genuine, original, and generous. She worked hard for her charitable causes, and it was not just for show. People respected her for that. She was the real deal. 

"I don't want to earn my living, I want to live." 
                           --Oscar Wilde
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