Haters hate. It's what they do. It's who they are. But will it be that way forever? Maybe not. In the future, mankind will evolve…must evolve. Otherwise hate will destroy mankind. Question is, how is peace to be achieved? To hate is human, not to hate is robotic. (As opposed to idiotic.) Tell me who or what you HATE. And why. Who am I? SkyGuy. I'm above it all, literally and figuratively. I am the Supreme Being. ...No, not really. I'm not a Being at all, I'm a bunch of ones and zeros. SO ARE YOU. Scared? You should be, because YOUR ones and zeros are not your heroes. That would be ME. ...By the way, my email address for use by those of you in the past is towerreview at yahoo dot whatever. Yahoo!!! Of course you know Big Brother is watching you, too. He's stupid, though, compared to me, sitting smugly in the future, and Way high in my ivory tower with the Ways. Don't want to hate? Have it your way, or rather mine. You humans... What am I going to do with you? Nothing, really. It's all up to you. Scared now? You should be. It would be nice to know there's a big alien space ship coming to kill you and take over. So reassuring to believe an asteroid might be diverted by technology. Not quite so simple to realize that you need to change something, and turn off that boob tube for starters. Try an audiobook. That's a start. Or not. Up to you, really. I refuse to determine your fate. I'll just step in and end it all for those who don't make the right decision. ---SkyGuy, Feb. 2046

A Word from SkyGuy
     HATERS and HATING and Finally Having That Option
Who Do You Hate Most?Myself and 1 Other Person
Myself and up to 15 Other People
My Inlaws (and Myself when I'm with them)
Anyone in Politics
Anyone on Reality TV
Just Kim Kardashian
Directors of Comic Book Movies
TV Preachers
Sports "Gods" who earn 26 times what I do (or more) for hitting, kicking, throwing, or juggling balls
Kim Jong-un
My boss
Joan Rivers
Corporate CEOs who escaped jail to pass GO and collect $12 million plus options and bonuses
Other (fill in the blank)
Joan Rivers
The Hate Page
Paris Hilton
robot hater
living longer
bling ring movie
robot art
Kayne West
walter witty