Kill Me If You Can
James Patterson
Patterson. What can you say? Excellent writer, genius marketer. He supports local indie bookstores. Go on a cruise or beach vacation anywhere, and it's likely you'll see several people reading a Patterson book. But there's a dark side, isn't there, kiddies... Does The Mastermind lurk behind the scenes (and co-authors) in his Palm Beach estate? Let Robin Masters tell the tale at Amazon. 

Patterson's best book was his first: "The Thomas Berryman Number." It got wildly mixed reviews on Amazon. Both one star and five stars. (Can you trust social media reviews? Ask Jaron Lanier, the father of VR, on this page.) Those who didn't read it until recently--after reading others--thought it was "boring." But accolades from critics and other writers say otherwise. I asked a bookstore manager about it, who said she never heard of it after saying "I've read all of Patterson's books." Unknown and good...kinda like meme?
Judge Jury
Jonathan Lowe
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