Kill Me If You Can
James Patterson
Patterson. What can you say? Excellent writer, genius marketer. He supports local indie bookstores. (He already "owns" the chains.) Go on a cruise or beach vacation anywhere, and it's likely you'll see several people reading a Patterson book. But there's a dark side, isn't there, kiddies... Does The Mastermind lurk behind the scenes (and co-authors) in his Palm Beach estate? FUGITIVE VISIONS AND DANGEROUS FLASH FICTION is now live at Amazon. A honeymoon couple wake up alone on a cruise ship sailing into a storm. It’s a hybrid story, meaning both story and script. In this case the script comes after the story, and reveals the twist ending. Also included is “The Murder of James Patterson.” If you’ll recall, Patterson had a feud with Stephen King over writing and horror, and penned “The Murder of Stephen King” with a co-writer, then cancelled IT at the last minute. He also wrote “Kill Me If You Can.” Humm, said I. Okay… Also short shorts in science fiction, mystery, and satire. Kindle Unlimited or .99 cents for other readers. Dedicated to Harlan Ellison, who died last month and edited a great story collection “Dangerous Visions.” Harlan is credited for saving Star Trek in its first season with the Hugo winning teleplay “The City at the Edge of Forever,” which is also a recent audiobook. He inspired The Terminator, and wrote the classic story “I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream,” which is a favorite of William Gibson. His award winning story “A Boy and His Dog” was made into a Don Johnson movie that twisted the ending into a joke. “Hollywood,” right? The original is a masterpiece. Link to ebook on this page. My interview with Patterson at the CLICK HERE above. “Visions Fugitives” is the title of some enigmatic short piano pieces by one of my favorite composers, Prokofiev. Like Ellison, he was a genius ahead of his time...

Patterson's best book was his first: "The Thomas Berryman Number." It got wildly mixed reviews on Amazon. Both one star and five stars. (Can you trust social media reviews? Ask Jaron Lanier, the father of VR, on this page.) Those who didn't read it until recently--after reading others--thought it was "boring." But accolades from critics and other writers say otherwise. I asked a bookstore manager about it, who said she never heard of it after saying "I've read all of Patterson's books." Unknown and good...kinda like meme?

I don't like sequels. Prequels are much more interesting. I wrote a prequel to the Tom Cruise movie Collateral that came out of the blue, and told who Vincent was, which the movie didn't. Loved that film. People have come to expect things of plots, and it rarely pans out. So go back and read things you missed instead of following every trend and tweet. One of the songs on the album Paranoid inspired an entire movie series. Don't be paranoid. Be smart like Patterson and King. Read widely. Or listen. Both are big audiobook fans, too.     
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