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Jonathan Lowe has published articles and stories in over 40 magazines (from Sky & Telescope to Costco Connection) while living in Greenville, South Carolina and Tucson, Arizona. Over a dozen one-act dramas have been produced for radio, stage, or anthology, and a short film "Ghostly Mozart." Editor of Audiobooks Today, he is a judge in the annual Audie awards and VoiceArts awards, and has won several writing awards himself. 
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Audie Awards
With narrators Barbara Rosenblat and Lorna Raver at the Audie Awards.
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POSTMARKED FOR DEATH: First novel, about a disturbed postal clerk with a grudge against illegal immigrants and welfare mothers. He continues to work and mail letter bombs while police look for the wrong man. Originally in hardcover, and an award winner on audio, narrated by Frank Muller"A class performance, powerful and accomplished...mystery at its best" --Clive Cussler   

AWAKENING STORM: A young man is haunted by dreams of hell and the Rapture, and sets out to confront the now greedy televangelist who influenced them at his beach house during a hurricane party. Audiobook narrated by Barrett Whitener for Blackstone Audio. "A true thriller, personable and entertaining, and with an unpredictable ending."  --Audiobook Cafe (eBook, Mp3 CD or paperback.)

WHO MOVED MY TV? Two sewer rats invade a bachelor's house and develop an inverse intelligence relationship with him as he becomes dumber watching the boob tube. They pretend to be his deceased ex wife in order to keep being fed. Novella on the theme of TV addiction. (Kindle, Nook, iPad, Audiobook) Narrated by Christopher Vournazos.

OSCAR'S HIJACK. Three mystery stories connected by a fourth involving Academy Awards hijacked by an escaped convict. Full cast and sound audiobook from Blackstone. "An entertaining hybrid, hope to hear more like it!" --Audiofile (CD or Download)

THE UMPIRE HAS NO CLOTHES. Sports satire book in the form of a fictional memoir, with a "Lossary of Terms." Ebook and Audiobook. (Kindle, Nook, iPad) Also TRANSCENDENCE 2: The Nexus Ultimatum, an SF novella on audio. And The World's First Trillionaire.
THE MIRACULOUS PLOT OF LEITER & LOTT: a drone aircraft explodes into a tower in Dubai, and a visiting engineer named David Leiter is wrongly suspected. Later, after an intriguing conversation in a Tucson park, a female TV reporter named Valerie Lott seeks to find the truth before police do, when a man fitting David's description is sought for the kidnapping of a city councilman's daughter. Romantic suspense based on The Power of Now. "Unique and wonder filled." --Soul's Code (Audiobook)
THE METHUSELAH GENE: A research chemist is set up to take the fall by an unknown agency secretly testing a longevity drug on a small town in Iowa. Originally in hardcover; opening chapters HERE"A terrific medical thriller. Fans will appreciate this fine look at what can go wrong when amoral individuals use human guinea pigs in the name of science." --Midwest Book Review (Audiobook Narrated by Tim Lundeen.)

Fame Island: An accountant wins the first Billion dollar Powerball jackpot and develops a scheme to hold onto his instant celebrity status longer than just 15 minutes by first disappearing, financing a coup against a corrupt Caribbean island dictator, and then re-emerging a hero. Will he succeed? FAME ISLAND is narrated by Emmy winning actor Kristoffer Tabori and directed by Grammy winner Yuri Rasovsky. "Very enjoyable, lots of twists and turns, would make a great film." --Kevin Reem, indy film producer, formerly with Disney. (Audiobook Ebook Paperback)

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