​John D. MacDonald, Ross MacDonald & Gregory McDonald.
Best Review ever
The Chill
Bright Orange for the Shroud
Ross MacDonald
Find a Victim
Pool Drownings
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John D. MacDonald
John D. MacDonald and Ross MacDonald could be called The MacDonald Brothers. A duo dueling over who might be the finest mystery novelists who ever lived. Add the wisecracking fun of Gregory McDonald, and you have a trio of superb writers who defy the laws of time, propelling mystery and suspense into the canon of literature. John is a powerhouse whose fiction delivers raw gut punch rhythm and intrigue with his Travis McGee series. Ross is an observer and poet on a parallel with Chopin for exquisite nuance and cultural statement. (And with tons of quotes that could be added to Instagram posts instead of the vapidity most espouse.) Gregory is Fletch, offbeat and always entertaining. Craft beer, fine wine, or burger and fries? Take your pick. There is something for everyone here.  —Jonathan Lowe
Meet me at the Morgue
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