Times have changed since the days of MYST, an early adventure game featuring puzzles and stunning alien landscapes. After toying around with gobbling ghosts and fending off incoming missiles, gaming quickly moved to the first person shooter, with increasingly more complex and realistic effects and weapons-play (perhaps preparing users for real life combat in the Middle East fighting endless battles, with an endless stream of body bags returning to the States.) An article appeared in Wired magazine on Machinima.com, a voyeuristic Youtube based video site that's called "the MTV of gaming culture." Besides previews of games on Inside Games, there are other premium channels too, and Respawn, where gamers watch other gamers play usually violent games. With over 20 billion views a year, the company has associations with Hollywood productions like Mortal Kombat Legacy and various web series, most of which involves combat of various sorts. On 60 Minutes they described the drug war as a complete failure because drugs are addictive, and you can't fight addiction with weapons and jail time. You also can't fight violent ideology only with "boots on the ground." Hope, help, and education must be added to the mix. So too with real life depression and copy-cat shooters in America, just talking about becoming numbed to violence won't solve anything either. There has to be better imaginative games that engage interest, games that inspire and enthrall, give hope in the form of new ideas. Life isn't just about blowing things up and killing "the other guy." It's exploring, creating, and presenting alternatives to ignorance/violence. What happens next is anyone's guess, but Apple is trying something new with SKY. Good or bad?

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