NEXUS: A Robot Story. A biomedical student at ASU, whose dad mines rare earths in Brazil, cooks a formula that mimics LSD, and produces unique dreams. His buddy is an unemployed business journalist, not quite the geek, but willing to pool talents to test what they have before approaching Big Pharma. In the party town of Tempe they decide to use girls, but not quite like the jocks do. What happens next is beyond the expected, as one girl begins to have similar dreams…of the future. Diaries of the dreams are recorded, like a movie of melding minds. The twists coming involve artificial intelligence, the DOD, and a mind that either intends to control all others or not. Who is to say? A biomedical student at ASU, his partner in geek crime, and a secretly cooked drug that produces dreams of the future... What might go wrong? More than either could possibly imagine. From the award-winning author of The Methuselah Gene comes a science fiction story that unfolds like a movie script. It's party time in Tempe. Time for night terrors that just might come true in a machine mind. BN.  Also at Kobo. ISBN: 9780463862919
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Ramez Naam
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