Set in the year 2093, Nightflyers is a psychological suspense that follows a team of scientists aboard the Nightflyer, the most advanced spaceship ever built, as they journey to find other life forms. Written by George RR Martin, it is based on his 1987 science fiction book, developed for the SYFY Network for release as a series Fall 2018. His next project after Game of Thrones, it has elements of horror. Order the book by clicking on the links to read more. Developer is Jeff Buhler. Stars are Bronte Carmichael, Phillip Rhys, Miranda Raison, and Gwynne McElveen. There are well over 100 art and special effects people, and multiple directors and producers.
he has seen things you     people     wouldn't believe
attack dogs on fire 
off the shoulder of the road

see his high beams stab the dark
near the tan guard house of orion     studios

lost in time he cries now     in the rain
knowing the good die young

--J. Lowe

What do you know about this series?Never heard of it until now.
I've read the book.
I've read GOT, but not this.
Loved it. Am a Scifi fan.
Will order it. Look forward to series.
Like the horror more than scifi.
Like scifi more than horror.
Prefer to read books first.
Prefer to see movies/series first.
Original movie and soundtrack