True stories: 1) Lou Eisenberg won $5 Million on Friday the 13th in 1981, and collected payouts for 20 years, spending every dime. Today he lives in a mobile home and makes penny bets on the dogs. 2) Alex Toth won $13 Million, with only $25 (that’s twenty-five dollars) to his name at the time. He went to Vegas and spent it all, living in $1000 a night suites. Went back home, bought a trailer, filed for bankruptcy to prevent the IRS from taking the rest away. Died. 3) Amanda Clayton was on welfare when she won $1 Million, then was outed by the press for continuing to take food stamps. Sued for welfare fraud, she died of a drug overdose. 4) Willie Hurt (not William) won $3.1 Million, then his wife left him, and he spent what money he had on cocaine (only two installments into his twenty year payout), and was indicted for murder when he ran out of drugs and shot his girlfriend. 5) Jack Whittaker won $315 Million on the Powerball in 2002, and was already a millionaire from his business. The instant fame was too much for him. Over half a million was stolen from him at a strip club. He gambled and drank. His wife divorced him. He tried to do right by starting a foundation to help others, but his family died of drug overdoses and cancer. 6) Bud Post has three dollars left when he pawned a ring and bought a lottery ticket, winning $16.2 Million. His “girlfriend” took a third. He bought an airplane and a mansion. Relatives tried to kill him. He got married and divorced several times. Debts mounted. He fired a gun at a bill collector, and was charged with assault. He died on disability at age 66. 7) Mike Carroll was an unemployed garbage collector on public assistance when he won $15.8 Million. He bought a mansion, acquired a cocaine habit, built a race track to race his cars, had hookers over to him him wreck the cars, and a hotline was established for neighbors to report disturbances coming from his property. He lost most of his money living the thug lifestyle of a “bling-a-ling,” with lots of gold jewelry, ultimately sold to pay bills. 8) Callie Rogers was 16 when she won $3 Million. She spent much of it on boyfriends and cocaine. With little left, she finally found “Mr. Right,” gave up drugs she could no longer afford, and got pregnant. The twins died shortly after birth. Powerball Curse? What do you think?  

Powerball Curse?
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