The world will come to an end for all humans who don't choose robot bodies by 2047. That's less than a year from now. Some people foolishly believe they can escape annihilation via extranet and neutron bombs by going off the grid, moving to Palau, and giving up their cell phones, smart TVs, and cyberspace. Go ahead and try it if you must, but unless you're willing to do ALL of that, you're just whistling in the dark. SkyGuy will find you. And kill you. (Your other option is to do what HE says, which is to report to the nearest Apple store and be uploaded into a robot brain.) Can you really retro-fit yourself? Here's a test to see if you'll still be alive next year at this time. Try going Retro for a week: 

Slow down, yer goin' too fast, gotta make the mornin' joe last ya. That's right. No more Venti Latte Carmel Macchiato with a twist, using a credit card. Your basic cowboy coffee is black, purchased at a flee market, and with no banned substances like sugar or cream
Learn or relearn the joys of playing PONG on an 16k Mac. 
Watch the vintage Twilight Zone episode "Where Is Everybody?" in the dark.
Kiss a girl and make her cry. Then read "Kiss the Girls" in paperback. It's James Patterson's second book (of 1543.) Just don't become like him. You won't survive the attention. Neither will he. (Oh, wait. He's already dead. That's a clone who's writing those new novels.)

What's YOUR Retro Grade? Anything less than a C and you're Dead, Fred.
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This is your ONLY game if you don't.
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ROBOT ART EXHIBIT (Shanghai, 2046)
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