Arcadius TV
Arcadius Productions is a provider of non-scripted reality television. Formed in 2012 by the merger of two documentary film and commercial production companies, Arcadius is focused on producing compelling non-scripted reality television. Partners Gary Bredow and Jenny Feterovich are responsible for producing the critically acclaimed and Emmy nominated PBS series "Start Up" and "A Craftsman's Legacy", internationally distributed documentaries "High Tech Soul", "Urban Roots", and "Bridging the Gap" as well as branded content for major corporations. Arcadius is responsible for over 1500 hours of national television programming. As the Executive Producers of the PBS series "Start UP," they show extraordinary people that have followed their dream of creating a small business. As one of the top 4 business shows on TV, they have helped paved the way for other popular business focused programs. Arcadius is dedicated to telling real stories and giving viewers the unique opportunity to see life through the experiences of our characters.
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A New Earth
TR) What was the inspiration for the show, and how did your own startup get off the ground?

GB) The main inspiration was the economic meltdown that seemed to hit Detroit the hardest. I wanted to find a way to help people help themselves, and since there were literally no jobs, what better time to chase your dream. My own start up, essentially the show, started as a collaboration with my now partner Jenny Feterovich and her production company. I knew that my 2 person team couldn’t handle the workload of producing a show on our own, so it started as a partnership and really grew from there. We worked very hard to get that first season off the ground.. and here we are 7 years later. It’s quite surreal.

TR) The American Dream is still alive, although many are struggling. What is your hope for the future?

GB) That people become more conscious and aware of the impact it makes to patronize small locally owned businesses, that’s my hope. 

TR) Food is a fav startup option, and not just on Shark Tank. A big percentage fail. "Come on in, the water's fine," say some. How important is it to be original and healthy versus the realities pointed out by "Mr. Wonderful?"

GB) I think its important to be just the right amount of original.  Trailblazers usually have the hardest time because of the challenges that come with educating the market on new products or services. Especially in food.

TR) How many in the crew, and how does logistics work?

GB) We travel with 7-8 people depending on where we are going. We set up the full tour geographically, then fly to the first location, drive the tour, and fly from the last location. 

TR) There are many books on startups. One that impressed me was about setting realistic goals, and not feel that one has to be huge. To do what one loves, and to be great on whatever size canvas one is painting. What books can you recommend? 

GB) Definitely Eckart Tolle’s A New Earth. It’s the most influential book I’ve ever read, and I read it over and over. It’s about staying in the moment.

TR) I know a few people who cover wine or travel in California or in Europe. It's a great life. Where are you going next, and where do you most wish to go?

GB) For Season 7, we’re heading to Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Colorado and the Dakotas. I’m really excited about this season! However, I can’t wait to schedule season 8, including Alaska and Hawaii. 

TR) What final question should I be asking? Or, rather, final thoughts. That's called a wild card. Up to you whether it's an Ace or a Joker! 

GB) I think that people should embrace their decisions and stick with them until it’s time to change. I think of life much like jumping from an airplane.. once you’ve jumped, the decision is done.. enjoy the heck out of the ride and stop worrying about the parachute. If it’s meant to open it will, but there is NO WAY your going to get back to the plane, so stop worrying about the decisions you’ve already made and let the dice roll.