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Ray Bradbury was a legend. He inspired many writers, including Stephen King and Rod Serling and Richard Matheson, all of whom he admired. Like King, he encouraged hundreds of writers personally, including myself. He was one of the few science fiction writers whose universal appeal broke the mold of his chosen genre to extend into all markets with stories that were very human (even when telling of non-humans or robots.) His wasn't hard scifi, with a lot of technical jargon. Neither is Serling, Matheson, or King. He wrote fantasy, horror, and also mainstream fiction. His childlike genius was his ability to compose miracles on the spot, complete and evocative, a product of pure imagination. It's an instinct, developed over decades, but also a gift. My audiobook "Who Moved My TV?" is dedicated to him, since he said that Fahrenheit 451 was not so much about censorship as it was our obsession with television, replacing reading with lazy, unimaginative viewing. No time to read? Try audiobooks. Click on the image of "The Best of Richard Matheson" below to find a surprising collection of stories, including the full original story of the "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" Twilight Zone episode that starred William Shatner (different than what was filmed), and the story that inspired Steven Spielberg's first film, Duel.   --Jonathan Lowe

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