Palm Island was developed by John Caldwell, who sailed around the world to end up in the Grenadines. He once fought off renegades who had taken Union Island and came over for his...which he purchased from the government of St. Vincent for $1 a year for 99 years plus 12% of future profits. Donald Trump once tried to buy property, but Caldwell didn't sell. "Anytime my wife and I say hello, that's a board meeting," he said in a letter to the author. His true story inspired Lottery Island, about a tabloid reporter who uncovers the disappeared Powerball winner who intends to finance a coup against a corrupt Caribbean island dictator and re-emerge a hero, famous for MORE than just 15 minutes. With $552 Million after taxes, he can do just about anything, right?  Ebook now on audio and paperback. When listening on Audible recommend listening on the 1.25 speed level if it seems a tad slow.

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Narrator Spotlight: Tom Lennon
Lottery Island
Tom has produced three dozen Audiobooks that are available on,, and in the iTunes store. "It has been a challenging and enjoyable time, and I am pleased to say the reviews have been mostly very flattering. As an example, recently one review stated 'Tom Lennon's narrative is so good! His voice accompanying me home every day is a treat I look forward to.' Obviously I have begun attracting a very astute group of listeners. All of the the reviews for the many titles I have produced have averaged 4+ stars out of 5. Right up to the present I have continued training with courses primarily at Edge Studios in New York working with many of their talented coaches. These coaches include; for Audiobooks; Johnny Heller and Carol Munda, for commercials Michael Ingram and for general overall coaching David Goldberg. I highly recommend them all."
Palm Island
At the end of the war I returned to school in Santa Barbara, now a branch of the University of California. I graduated in sociology, and worked for two years as a social worker in Los Angeles, but city life in a suburban home could not match the call of far horizons. We sold everything and bought a 36 foot catch, Tropic Seas, and said, what the hell, let's go! But then we had a four-year-old son Johnny, and Mary was expected, but we sailed anyway. That was 1952. Our first passage was 45 days San Diego to the Marquesas islands. On to Moorea, the Samoas, Fiji, where Roger was born...then New Caledonia, and Australia in 18 months of cruising. We sold Tropic Seas in Sydney, and took six years to plan and build a larger boat which we named Outward Bound, then on for a year through the great barrier reef to Thursday island and Darwin, across the Indian Ocean, Christmas Island, Coco Keeling, Diego Garcia, Seychelles and Aden in the Red Sea. We tacked 28 days to the Suez Canal, than eight months cruising the Mediterranean to Gibraltar, and a 19 day crossing of the Atlantic from the Canary Islands to Barbados. From Barbados the Windward Islands was only a jump of 100 miles, and we found a new home in a string of islands like jewels running north to south, with steady trade winds blowing west to east--an ideal cruising ground, just what we had searched the world to find. --John Caldwell

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